Cold Email Outreach That Lands & Converts

Helping B2B SaaS and technology companies get in front of more prospects to book more meetings.

Most common use cases

You’ve got a sales team but are in need of ramping up your outbound sales efforts further OR you’ve achieved excellent product-market fit so far and now need to scale your growth via outbound selling.

What we offer

Our team of experts are skilled at building qualified prospecting lists. Coupled with technically sound and professionally crafted email campaigns, your cold email outreach will produce exemplary results.


We’ll find and compile an ideal list of qualified prospects based on your target audience.

Technical Setup

In order to maximise delivery rates your email settings need to be on point. This includes a new domain and email which is warmed up and properly configured for SPF, DMARC and DKIM.

Email Copy

Through years of testing and iterating we know which type of email copy works best including headlines, initial cold email, and follow ups.

Campaign Management

We continually test, measure, learn and iterate to ensure your outreach gets the best results possible.

Booking Calls

Every time a prospect turns warm, you book a call and turn these calls into sales.

Monthly Reporting

Receive progress reports and have monthly calls with your account manager to ensure we're meeting your expectations.

Our happy customers

We’ve helped numerous SaaS and tech businesses scale their customer acquisition.

"We saw a 27% increase in subscriptions after 3 months"

SmartOutreach came on board to help boost our outreach efforts at a time when Contentellect had recently broadened its product offering substantially. Their professionalism, industry know-how, and email copy crafting skills were second to none. Needless to say they've been pivotal in our growth.
mark whitman
Mark Whitman
CEO, Contentellect

"Opened doors to prospects we couldn't reach"

I was really impressed with both their technical ability to land in inboxes and also their skill when it came to crafting compelling messaging for our target audience. We see SmartOutreach as an extension of our sales team.
Gordon Ho
Founder, NUTPOG

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